Details about Military takeover of Daily Trust Newspaper

The Military & the Press

Whenever the military starts disrupting the freedom of the press in any setting, it entails that there’s a problem somewhere. Since the past few ours, there’s been a viral news in the air about how the military has halted the operations of the popular newspaper in Nigeria in the name of daily trust. Daily post is one of the successful newspapers in the country just like Vanguard news. But did the military really invade with the aim of shutting down the news agency?

Is Buhari planning to take over the press?

Is there problem ahead?

Those are the common questions now and we will attempt to answer those by providing insight into the situation as well as the real facts so we can be able to make good judgments!

What we know about the military invasion of Daily Trust Newspaper  

1. The military carried out its first operation against daily trust in Borno state by shutting down their regional office

2. The regional editor of Daily Trust, Uthman Abubakar and a reporter, Ibrahim Sawab were also arrested by the military in the process.

3. The military alongside the police has also invaded the Lagos premises of the media platform

4. Also, the military invaded daily trust’s media house in the nation’s capital, Abuja.

5. At Daily Trust headquarters in Abuja, the military men held the staff members hostage for a period of about two hours.

6. Also at the Abuja office, the military made away with some properties of the firm including computers

Why did the military take such an action?

7. The military has opened up on the motive behind their move. They said that the news agency published sensitive information about their plans to attack Boko Haram insurgents in Borno state.

8. The army alleges that the Boko Haram insurgents will be informed of the plans of the military because of the actions of the media outlet and such is not good.

9. The army has said that the intention is to invite Daily Trust over in order to make them understand the grave nature of their actions but I wonder if this is how an invite looks like.

10. The army also stressed that anyone who has such information should consult with them before publishing so as not to jeopardize their plans and missions.

11. Buhari consented to the invasion.

My thoughts on the invasion

Buhari has never been known as a soft man in the way he deals with things and am not surprised by the way he undertook the daily trust situation. It was Buhari who lead the coup that ousted shehu Shagari from power.

However, the world is in the 21st century and it is not so easy to get away with crimes nowadays unlike before. Hence, if Buhari does not provide adequate reasons for the actions of the army and perhaps goes ahead with more assaults on the press, the entire situation could evolve into something bigger than what he could easily handle. And considering power is usually too sweet and one can easily abuse it once he starts, I fear there isn’t so much keeping Nigeria from utter confusion in the event of a repetition of something like what we just witnessed.

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