Top 4 Facts about the 2019 Nigerian Presidential Debate

Hello Nigerians, I bring information about the upcoming event of Nigeria’s presidential debate which will take place in January of 2019. Two days ago, being Friday, a debate was organized for the vice-president candidates of some parties including that of the APC and the PDP. Surely it was a keen one although many people describe it as boring.

As we look forward to the grand presidential debate, there are some facts worth knowing and I’ll share those below:

1. President Buhari may not attend the debate

The current president of the country may not attend the debate and there are reasons as well as indications. On the side of the indications, Buhari has been dubbed as a cloned man recently by IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu. And for at least a quarter now, the president has not been able to grant any press briefings to newsmen. For this, he may not be in the right capacity to address the nation on national TV especially in a debate with other contestants.

Besides, some APC members according to a report by have asked Buhari not to honor the presidential debate next year citing some flimsy excuses as their reasons.

“Dear President Muhammadu Buhari, we appeal to you NOT to attend the presidential debate in view of the lecturing witnessed tonight (Friday).

“Please, consider a townhall session. Despite the antics, Prof. Osinbajo tutored the opposition candidates on nation-building. Thank you.”

I see this as a decoy, well-planned by the presidential team to keep the man from attending the debate. But I know it will be a tough bullet to dodge on the side of the president.

2. The presidential debate is set to take place on January 19 , 2019

That is roughly a month from now and no doubt it’s going to be a tough one between the president and Atiku

3. The presidential debate is rumored to be centered on security as that of the vice presidents were about economy  

The organizers of the debate between the vice presidents kept the topic of the debate on the economy, a move which has raised many eyebrows. But it is equally rumored that the Presidential debate will be based on the hot topic of security in the nation.

4. The effects of the Presidential debate event will affect the election results 

The presidential debate is one of the rare occasions where contestants in key opposition parties appear face to face and argue over national topics.

By the time the actual presidential debate takes place, there will be tougher competition on stage and from the performances of the contestants, the whole nation can see who is more equipped to lead the nation. The event definitely affects the elections!

Note:  the time and date of the presidential debate will be updated in due course  

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