How to Stop Automatic renewal of Data plans on Mtn and Glo

Hello friends, have you ever recharged some Airtime on your phone and the next thing, it seems to have disappeared either wholly or partially?

Is mtn or glo deducting your money? Or are you wondering if they are stealing your credit? This article could help you

Perhaps you then did some research and discovered that mtn or glo have used the recharge card that you loaded to subscribe for you and they did so without asking for your confirmation! It’s very annoying and Some people can go as far as contacting the customer care service of their network provider over the cause of the deduction of credit. In this article, we will quickly review what happens when your Airtime gets deducted like that and also what you can do in order to stop it.

You can discover the meaning of mtn, glo, 9mobile and Airtel here.

Credit Deduction due to Auto renewal of Data Sub 

Actually, in most cases, it’s not a criminal act on the side of our network providers as many of us think. Rather, it’s simply because we have activated the auto renewal at some point earlier and this is usually when we subscribe to our data plan. Whichever way we get into this, it’s usually an undesirable outcome of loss of Airtime when we don’t plan to do so.

I mean, you may recharge your sim card to make some calls only to realize that you have an unexpected balance remaining after some money has been deducted for the sake of a subscription that you did not plan for. That’s the annoying part for many.

You may not mind the deduction due to auto renewal if you have enough money for everything else but in the case where you don’t, you realize that you are stuck.

How to deactivate Auto renewal on Glo network

It’s simple. Just dial: Send Cancel to 127

How to stop Auto renewal on Mtn 

IN the case of Mtn, what you need to do is to subscribe to a new data plan using *131# and by the time you are done, you’ll receive a prompt asking you to confirm auto renewal status. Select the appropriate option in order to disable it.

So that’s how you can disable auto renewal and stop mtn or glo from taking out your Airtime for subscription each time you have exhausted your data plan.

I trust that this piece have been able to educate you and we will further the topic by discussing auto renewal on other networks like 9mobile and Airtel later.

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