2019 Elections: 15 Ugly Facts about Buhari and Amina Zakari

Rumors of Election Rigging

This is Nigeria and there’s nothing one will not see. In 2015, many alleged that Goodluck Jonathan appointed JEGA and JEGA rigged elections for Buhari. Now, there’s a new rumor that suggests Buhari has appointed one Amina Zakari to rig elections for him so he could return to power in 2019 elections. How true?

In every rumor ,there’s always an element of truth right? So what is really brewing at INEC? Is someone really planning to rig elections for Buhari and has it become so obvious?

Amina Zakari
Picture of Amina Zakari

What is the Relationship between Amina Zakari and Buhari?

To start with, the claims have it that Amina is Buhari’s cousin and Buhari was at the house of Amina’s father when he was growing up. Specifically

  • Buhari’s sister married Amina’s father
  • Amina’s father was a traditional ruler
  • Buhari stayed with them at some point and he’s a blood relation of Amina.

The situation is very unclear and I think it’s never really going to be clear because the powers ahead will not allow it to be. Let’s quickly take a look at the facts on ground at the moment surrounding the Amina and Buhari controversy.

What we know about Amina, Aisha and 2019 Elections

1. The presidential election is going to take place in February 2019 that is next month.

2. Buhari is contesting under the APC.

3. Just in case you are wondering, Who’s Zakari  Zakari is a princess of Jigawa State. She was born on June 23, 1960 to the late Emir of Kazaure, Hussaini Adamu.

4. President Muhammadu Buhari appointed Amina on July 30th 2015 following the expiration of the tenure of her predecessor, Attahiru Jega.

5. Amina has denied being Buhari’s niece or cousin. This is what she told BBC news:

Her words, “I am not his niece, I am not his cousin. I was appointed on this same particular job by Ex-President Goodluck Jonathan in 2010. Prior to that I was appointed an A.S to former president Olusegun Obasanjo, and I did my job perfectly”.

6. The presidency has spoken up on this allegation and Garba shehu, media spokesman of Buhari disclosed that the only relationship between Amina and Buhari is that an inter-marriage occurred in their extended families. 

7. As you might expect, the present wave of events is inspired by publications made by the PDP.

8. Goodluck Jonathan nominated Aminaiin 2015 as National Commissioner of INEC to represent the North-West

9. Vanguard has reported that the position which Amina handles in INEC does not give her the opportunity to manipu results but the PDP has insisted that she be removed

10. The PDP wants Amina removed because they feel the public will not be satisfied given that the air around her involvement in INEC is already heated.

11. Junaid Mohammed said that it doesn’t matter if she’s a relative of Buhari or not. She just has to step aside now. Personally, I see this as absurd.

12. Given that Amina studied pharmacy in the higher institution, many allege that she’s not qualified for the position she holds and should resign.

13. When JEGA was leaving the INEC as Chairman, he handed over to Ambassador Mohammad Ahmad Wali as acting Chairman whom Buhari ousted and replaced with Amina.

14. There are rumors that Amina’s original appointment prior to her call up by Buhari was meant to end on July 21st of the same year instead of June 30th

15. There’s a highly political move on both sides in this play.

What I think Will be the Outcome

We have known Buhari to be a man of few words and grave actions. I think he will just keep quiet about this allegation and continue with his campaigns and eventually elections. Besides sacking Amina will be seen as a surrender to the PDP, something Buhari may view as some form of weakness to which he cannot yield.

Ultimately, the entire episode will soon play out and we will all be able to see it.

Lastly, I think it will be wrong for Zakari to be removed if she truly doesn’t have any links with Buhari. Hence a committee should be set up by INEC to investigate the matter and it should be taken most seriously. If she’s clean, she should be let alone otherwise, justice (which is rare in Nigeria) should be done!

Author: Precious Mmeso

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